Create a Bill of Lading

We offer two options for creating a bill of lading, depending on your needs. Please choose an option below:

Ship Plus ®

Using our multipurpose shipping interface, Ship Plus ®, you can:

  • Submit your BOLs to Averitt electronically to reduce billing errors
  • Print shipping labels from your BOL information
  • Save copies of your BOLs for future reference
  • Save common addresses in your address book

Since Ship Plus ® utilizes intelligence about your Averitt account to complete your shipment, an account is required.

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PDF Bill of Lading for Print/Email

If you just need to create a bill of lading for one-time use, or for printing or emailing only, without the need for additional features available in Ship Plus ®, you can access a PDF bill of lading creation tool that will allow you to enter your shipping information and print a high-quality Averitt bill of lading.

Since the PDF bill of lading tool does not use intelligence from your account, no login is required.

Print/Email BOL

Questions? Please contact our Customer Technology Support team for assistance at 1-877-281-7131 or