Core Beliefs

A Philosophy Of Improvement

Averitt has grown - and continues to grow - because of our commitment to three things: our customers, our associates and our future. And every time we grow in one area, the other two naturally get better, too. It's an ever-improving upward spiral that we like to call The Winner's Circle.

But how does it work? First, we maintain a strong focus on people. Simply put, we're committed to providing the best service to our customers and developing the full potential of our associates. Second, we believe in continuous improvement. By learning from yesterday's successes and sharing each lesson, we can get smarter and stronger so we have an even brighter tomorrow.

Our Driving Force Is People

We Are What We Believe

Whether we realize it or not, our beliefs drive everything we do. Our decisions. Our priorities. Our very purpose. This is true for both individuals and teams.

Our team's culture and identity are connected to the principles we believe. Perhaps the most important of these is our simple, enduring philosophy, "Our Driving Force is People." This statement serves as the foundation for everything we believe. And as a result, it guides our decisions.

It determines what we prioritize. And it points us toward our purpose.

The phrase "Our Driving Force is People" has always meant our success is determined by our collective effort and ideas. As associates, each of us has ownership of and impact on the performance of our team.

But "Our Driving Force is People" not only means our team is driven by people. Averitt is also driven for people. The slogan reveals our deeper purpose, why we exist: to work together to help people succeed.

Driven On Purpose

We are driven for people in a variety of ways. The development of our fellow teammates. The well-being of our associates' family members. The men and women we serve as our customers who have their own personal goals. Prospective associates who are looking for a meaningful, long-term career.

And in a larger sense, we are driven to reach beyond ourselves to help others. This includes serving our local communities, bringing healing to children with life-threatening diseases and impacting people around the world who rely on transportation for their very existence.

Looking To The Future

For nearly 50 years now, we have built our team on a solid foundation of helping people succeed. We are proud of that past. And as we reflect on what we believe, we are even more excited about our future.

We believe companies built around meaningful purpose are set for long-standing success. Now more than ever, people are looking for a positive work environment and a sense of personal achievement. High-caliber people, especially those from the generation entering the workforce, are drawn to purpose-driven organizations.

Purpose also plays a critical role in team-building, individual commitment and authenticity. When beliefs are clearly communicated and deeply embraced, teams naturally align around shared values. People are inspired to take greater ownership. And when we integrate purpose into everything we do, our brand is more authentic and valuable to our customers and the community.

The Intangibles Behind The Averitt Beliefs

When you consider the four Averitt Beliefs, each one represents an intangible promise. Each one connects to deep-rooted emotional needs that every human being feels, whether they even realize it or not.

  • Always Averitt
  • All people crave stability and consistency. This statement speaks to those intangibles. We have a plan to ensure Averitt is going to be stable and independent for generations to come.

  • Associate Sharing
  • Everyone wants their life to have purpose and meaning. We promise to provide people with opportunities to serve and give alongside their teammates to impact the lives of others.

  • Profit Sharing
  • Trust is built on feelings of fairness and security. This statement underscores our commitment to share financial rewards with our associates, enabling them to enjoy greater financial security for themselves and their families.

  • Averitt Way
  • Social scientists agree a human being's deepest need is self-actualization or the idea of achieving one's full potential. We are so proud of and energized by our team's track record with this intangible. This is evidenced by the more than 1,350 members of our Over 20 Team. And it is represented through our unique commitment to training, communication, promoting from within and investing in the personal development of each individual.