Safety Program

At Averitt Express, "Our Driving Concern is Safety!" Ensuring the safety of our customers, our associates and the driving public is of utmost importance to Averitt Express.

John Walton, our Director of Safety and Compliance, is responsible for all aspects of Averitt's safety program. John has more than three decades of industry experience, more than two decades of which have been spent in safety management. In addition to its director of safety and compliance position, Averitt has eight full-time field safety coordinators with nearly 150 years of combined industry experience.

Following is some information about how we make safety our driving concern.


How does Averitt measure safe-driving performance?

We track safe-driving performance by measuring both vehicle and driver performance through a series of indicators. In terms of our fleet, we continually strive to have the safest trucks on the road, measuring total accidents per million miles driven. Though industry comparisons are not available, we measure ourselves against our own strong safety record, striving for improvement every year. In 2012, the number of recordable accidents was 0.74 accidents (both preventable and non-preventable combined) per million miles.

What type of safety training do Averitt drivers receive?

Beyond the training and requirements associated with obtaining a commercial driver's license, all new drivers complete three days of driver orientation. This training focuses on protective driving techniques, operational technology training, accident reporting, equipment and maintenance information, hours of service compliance and seat belt usage.

What is Averitt's policy concerning hours of service?

We strictly follow Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, requiring drivers to have at least 10 hours of rest for every 11 consecutive hours of driving (or every 14 hours of driving and non-driving duty). We are currently in the process of converting the fleet to electronic on-board recorders to enhance productivity and maintain compliance with hours of service regulations. Also, technology allows us to create a personal fatigue score with the goal of putting the safest, most rested driver on the road.

What is Averitt's preventive maintenance program for its fleet?

Our fleet has received multiple Tennessee Trucking Association awards for fleet safety and is regarded as one of the country's cleanest, safest fleets.

How does Averitt screen its driver candidates?

All applicants for driver positions undergo a series of screenings to ensure they are the best people for the job.

Does Averitt have any recognition or incentive programs for driver safety?

The Averitt Safety Award Program recognizes associates for years of safe performance (such as driving without a preventable accident). In 2012, the preventable accident rate per million miles for Averitt was 0.31. Drivers having no preventable accidents were awarded with incentives in honor of their performance excellence.