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The Power of One

The Power of One Provider

With Averitt, you get access to an entire range of logistics and transportation services, all under a single, highly respected roof. From more flexibility and a broader range of options, to a consistent experience, complete accountability, and the peace of mind that comes from working with a resource you trust - you’ll find everything you need in one mighty powerful place.

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Our Services

LTL Expansion - Illinois and Wisconsin

Averitt is proud to announce that we have expanded our distribution network to provide full coverage of the state of Illinois and additional points in Wisconsin.

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Retail Services

If anyone understands the high-stakes world of retail delivery windows, chargeback reduction and Must Arrive By Date (MABD) requirements, it's us. More importantly, we know how to put that knowledge to work for you. 

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Cross-Border Mexico Services

With a strong network, Averitt delivers the same visibility and accountability along the border and south of the Rio Grande as with our domestic services. With a wide range of logistics services, including short and long-haul, distribution, flexible border-warehousing, cross-docking, and product processing, you can move your freight across the border with a single call.

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Fixing the Supply Chain Model | JOC

The 2014/2015 West Coast port labor disruptions pushed importers and transportation/supply chain providers to work hard on fixing what had become a broken model, says Charlie McGee, Averitt's Vice President, International Solutions. He spoke to's Alessandra Barrett at the 2015 JOC Inland Distribution Conference about risk tolerance and expectations for 2016.

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PortSide® Services

Our PortSide® Services include importing, container drayage, transloading and processing, warehousing and storage and inland transportation. Watch this quick 2-minute video about our PortSide® capabilities.

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Direct LTL Service to Chicago and Milwaukee

You know us and trust us to move LTL freight In and Out of the South. But did you also know we've been in Chicago and Milwaukee for decades?

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Retail Distribution Services

No transportation provider knows retail better than Averitt. Watch this quick introduction to Averitt's retail distribution services.

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Warehousing Solutions in Fort Smith, AR

Hear from Michael Smith, service center director in Fort Smith, Arkansas, as he explains our Fort Smith transportation and warehousing capabilities.

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Our Facilities

Averitt's Corporate Offices

Take a peek behind The Power of One and take a tour of our corporate offices in Cookeville, TN.

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Charleston PortSide International Distribution Center

Tour our Charleston International Distribution Center and see how we can help with your International Distribution needs through the East Coast.

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Our Technology

Averitt's powerful, mobile-enabled website can help make your job easier and your business better.

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From Our Customers


Frios, an Alabama-based gourmet popsicle company, sought a cold chain distribution solution that could help the business reduce its transportation and logistics costs. Averitt Express devised a strategy that utilizes state-of-the-art climate-controlled units that are ideal for less-than-truckload distribution. In the end, Frios was able to move away from costly dry ice that was not suitable for long haul transportation and also minimize damage to its products with the unit's advanced temperature control.

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Cenveo awarded Averitt with their 2016 LTL Regional Carrier of the Year. Hear from Cenveo Vice President of Logistics & Transportation Tom Harshman and Transportation Manager Kevin Walsh about their relationship with Averitt.

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Hear from Averitt and PITT OHIO customer SalonCentric about how a true partnership helped to meet environmental goals and improved ordering windows for retail locations.

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Hear from Paul Gall of Virco and Tony Allison of Averitt as they explain how their alliance led to improved customer satisfaction, a better long-term relationship, and verified savings.

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Hear from Al Garcia of Toshiba, Tony Allison of Averitt and Tom Cleve of PITT OHIO as they explain how an alliance with Averitt helped to shave 15% off of Toshiba's transportation costs.

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Tuesday Morning

Hear from Brian Turner of Tuesday Morning as he explains how an alliance with Averitt helped to shave 18% off of Tuesday Morning's transportation costs.

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Hear from Paul Gall, Corporate Director of Logistics for Virco, about Averitt's pool distribution solutions, driver professionalism and his company's relationship with The Reliance Network.

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The Carlisle Company

Hear from Jerry O'Brien as he describes his 20 year relationship with Averitt, including a history of innovations and forward-thinking transportation solutions.

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Vanity Fair Outlet's Peter Cicchetti talks about what he finds most beneficial about working with Averitt.

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Averitt Cares for Kids

Marlo Thomas

Marlo Thomas, of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, congratulates Averitt associates for their contributions as part of Averitt Cares for Kids.

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Tony Brown

Averitt service center director Tony Brown gives an impassioned speech while receiving the Employee Giving Partner Award from St. Judes for their work through Averitt Cares For Kids.

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Safety and Pre-Trip Inspections

Pre-Trip Inspection

Complete back to front pre-trip inspection of a truck and trailer by Averitt mainentance associate Kevin Breeding. This thorough pre-trip covers all inportant points of inside the cab, lights, engine, the tractor itself and the trailer.

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Why a Pre-Trip Inspection is Important

Averitt maintenance associate Kevin Breeding describes why a thorough pre-trip is inspection is critical to successful shipping, both for the company and the driver.

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Hours of Service

David Morris

Watch as Averitt Safety Coordinator David Morris explains the HOS changes to our driver team.

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Holiday Cards

Averitt 2016 Holiday Card - "Happy Giving, Receiving and In Between"

Enjoy our 2016 Holiday e-Card, and thank you for helping us be proud supporters of Christmas since 1971!

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Averitt 2015 Holiday Card - "Associate Traditions"

Enjoy our 2015 Holiday e-Card, featuring many of our own associates' holiday traditions. From our team to yours, Merry Christmas!

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Averitt 2014 Holiday Card - "A Time to Rush, A Time to Rest"

For every family, there is both a time to rush and a time to rest. As our associates come home from the road, from the dock, or from the office, we know the reasons why they work hard. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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Averitt 2013 Holiday Card - "Sounds of the Season"

The many everyday sounds at Averitt magically come together to create a Christmas song. Watch and listen as the Sounds of the Season come to life at Averitt. Merry Christmas!

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