Current Fuel Surcharge

Averitt Fuel Surcharge

All rates and charges published in this tariff or in AVRT’s Private Tariffs, Contracts or Pricing Agreements making reference to this tariff (AVRT 100 Rules Tariff) as a governing tariff are hereby or will on their effective dates be increased as provided below, unless otherwise specifically stated in the tariff or contract.

In applying the provisions of this item, first determine the applicable net freight charges including all applicable increases and/or discounts, if any. The net freight charge so determined will be subject to the surcharge provided.

The amount of the fuel surcharge will be determined by the weekly EIA Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices as provided by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) The current Index may be obtained be calling the Energy Information Diesel Fuel Hot-Line EIA index at 1-202-586-6966. The percentage of fuel surcharge will be reviewed the first business day of each week.


Current Applicable LTL Fuel Surcharge

Effective Date
National Average
Volume %
Min Charge