Are You Avoiding These Supply Chain Risks?

Are you taking unnecessary risks when it comes to your supply chain’s private or dedicated fleet operations? Check out this Risks to Avoid list:

Risks to Avoid:

  1. Focusing on running the fleet — not on running your business

    For any business, running a private fleet can easily eat into time you would otherwise spend improving products, finding new customers, and growing market share. Spending too much time focused on your fleet leaves you vulnerable to competitors who would love to steal your business away.

    Walt Gray, vice president of sales for Averitt Supply Chain Solutions, said, “At some point, you’ve got to look at the amount of time and effort it takes to run that fleet and remember – you didn’t get into this business to run a fleet of trucks. You got into it so you could make and sell your product. That’s when outsourcing to a leader in supply chain management makes a whole lot of sense. It lets you get back to the fundamentals of running your business, making a better product, and keeping your current customers happy while searching out new ones.”

  2. Fuel, maintenance and liability costs that can skyrocket unexpectedly

    “Fuel price fluctuations coupled with unpredictable maintenance and repair costs can really wreck your budget when a private fleet is part of your business,” Gray said. “Fuel could easily go back up next year. On top of that, you might have to spend thousands to repair a blown engine – or worse, pay out millions in damages if one of your drivers has a serious wreck that leads to litigation against your company.”

    As a dedicated fleet provider who also operates an LTL and truckload fleet, Averitt has the leverage to buy fuel in bulk at lower prices, with the ability to pass those savings on to you while your competitors' company fleets are absorbing the full scope of fuel price fluctuations.

    What’s more, our top-tier maintenance facilities can bear the weight of maintenance costs that you would otherwise be stuck with – and with maintenance shops spread across our network, the equipment we dedicate to your fleet is always within easy reach of our maintenance professionals. We can also take the burden and cost of insuring a fleet of trucks off your shoulders.

  3. The dedicated contract carrier who only cares at contract time

    “Averitt’s Supply Chain Solutions team believes that from day one, we’ve got to earn the right to re-up with you three years from now,” Gray said. “That means we’ve got to constantly find ways to improve efficiency and service for you every day, not just at contract time.

    “Many of our customers have shared stories about contract carriers who seemingly forget about them until shortly before time to renew their contract. Our passion for continuous improvement means we won’t do that to you.”

  4. The dedicated contract carrier with limited capabilities

    “Most contract carriers only have trucks and drivers – few or no facilities, no LTL or truckload networks for flexibility, and very few other things that bring value to you,” Gray said. “We offer our customers services such as warehousing at our state-of-the-art service centers, diverse technological capabilities, our flexible LTL and truckload fleets to meet fluctuating demand, and much more. Those are the kinds of things many contract carriers simply can’t offer, even though they could be a huge benefit to you.”

Whether you’re currently operating your own private fleet or have already outsourced, Averitt’s Supply Chain Solutions team can work with you to create a customized fleet management program flexible enough to meet any need.

“Let us take away all the headaches of running or outsourcing a private fleet,” Gray said. “We’ll provide you with the most efficient, safest fleet on the road today with a service level that goes unmatched. The bottom line? We enjoy helping you sleep better at night.”

Tired of sleepless nights worrying about your company’s fleet? Give Walt Gray a call at (615)333-4431 or email him today for more information about how Averitt can help make your transportation operation more stable and efficient!