Nationwide LTL

The Power of One North America LTL Provider

When you need LTL services outside of Averitt's direct LTL distribution network, our relationships and reliability stretch all the way across North America.

Our partnerships run deep and we stand behind them with the same confidence that we do with our own brand. Trust Averitt to choose the very best when it comes to your freight moving across North America.

How does it work?

It's simple. When you need freight moved outside of the South, that's where Averitt's network of North America LTL partners comes in. Just call us and we will arrange to get your freight where it needs to be with complete, seamless visibility.

Benefits of Averitt's North America LTL services include:

  • More consistent transit times
  • A single-source provider for all North American transportation needs
  • The convenience of working with Averitt versus managing multiple carriers
  • Seamless coverage through over 200 service centers across the continent
  • Expertise and exceptional customer service from over 15,000 associates throughout the network
  • Reliable transportation resources and efficient equipment, including over 25,000 trucks and trailers
  • Commitment to dependable service with on-time delivery rates of 98 percent or higher
  • Complete, real-time shipment visibility from origin to final destination
  • Secure data management
  • Accurate administrative processes with full-service PRO number tracking, tracing and invoicing capabilities
  • Easy-to-use services for customs clearance and final delivery of shipments moving to Mexico and Canada, including C-TPAT, FAST, PIP, CSA, PAPS and PARS certifications.

See your local transportation specialist or call 1-800-AVERITT (283-7488) for more information on Averitt's North America LTL services.

North America LTL Carrier Partners

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