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Retail Supply Chain Experience You Can Count On

For more than four decades, we've been providing retail businesses of all sizes with award-winning transportation and supply chain solutions.

And as your industry has evolved over the years to include e-commerce and omnichannel sales models, our ability to provide creative solutions that focus on your unique needs have also grown.

With Custom-Tailored Solutions...

Whether you're running an online storefront from your home office or overseeing the needs of several retail locations, you can rest assured that your supply chain needs will be met with a unique strategy and customer-centric focus that you'll only find at Averitt.

From Beginning to End and Inbetween

Our team can handle your supply chain needs all the way from importing to picking and packing and final mile delivery - all with the technologies and visbility you need to ensure that your products are moving.

So You Can Focus On What Matters...

When it comes to the supply chain, we know that your business has its own set of needs and challenges. However, we see your challenges as an opportunity to help your business find a new way to cut costs so that you can focus on what matters: Growing Your Busines

All of This With: One Contact. One Invoice. Zero Worries. That's The Power of One!

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