Warehouse Management System

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Simplify Inventory and Distribution Needs with Averitt's Warehouse Management System Solutions

If the success of your business hinges on the management of a rotating inventory of multiple SKUs, or making on-time deliveries to regional distribution centers (DC) or assembly plants, a warehouse management system (WMS) can help you maximize inventory efficiency and the ability to reduce overall supply chain costs.

Now, customers that utilize Averitt's network of secure warehousing and storage facilities, can take advantage of our WMS service at select locations. Depending on the nature of the business, using a WMS can bring many benefits, including:


  • 24/7 online access to customizable detailed reports (transaction, item, stock status, etc.)
  • Email notifications for arrivals and departures, stock status changes, and warehouse events


  • Place order entries from any web-connected computer or mobile device
  • Utilize reports to prioritize your shipping and storage needs
  • Always know what's happening with products within warehouse via live information provided by mobile scanning


  • Use of barcode scanners eliminates data entry errors
  • Inventory transactions and events are recorded instantly into the WMS

Averitt Fulfillment and Distribution

We own and operate more than 20 distribution and fulfullment centers in the U.S. Our facilities feature WMS and TMS technology integration alongside our portfolio of logistics solutions.

To find a shared-space warehousing location near your area of interest, please use the drop-down menu below.

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