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Customized Warehousing Services Tailored To Your Needs With The Flexibility & Technology To Succeed

If you need limited space for storage and processing, have a time-sensitive situation, or need a custom built-to-fit warehousing and distribution strategy, Averitt can help you find the right solution. With more than 45 years of logistics expertise and a strong network of distribution and warehousing facilities, we've got you covered!

From contract-free warehousing space to dedicated facility management and integrated warehouse management system (WMS) services, give us a chance to prove our value and you'll never regret it.

And as with all of our services, using Averitt gives you the simplicity of One Contact. One Invoice. Zero Worries. That's The Power of One!

Contract-Free Warehousing Services & Shared Space

For inventory and products that have a quick turnover, Averitt offers on-demand warehousing without the burden of locking into a contract.

Why pay for space and time you don't need? Now you don't have to! With our on-demand storage services, we can stage your freight in one of our secure distribution centers for the amount of time you need and when you need it.

Whether you're sending freight to an e-commerce fulfillment center or need to have replenishment inventory available for a quick delivery, using our distribution centers for your just-in-time warehousing needs puts your products directly into the supply chain. Backed by the power of our robust less-than-truckload and truckload network or coupled with our carrier-neutral transportation software, we can help you streamline your product flow.

"The cost benefit has been extraordinary. Shipping from warehouses that are located near the largest Amazon warehouses has made our transportation costs going from our storage facility with Averitt populating into Amazon from a B2B standpoint, drop dramatically." - Craig Barnell, Fishers Finery

View Warehousing Services Locations By State

We operate more than 20 shared-space distribution and fulfillment centers throughout the Central and Southern United States. To find a location near your area of interest, please use the drop-down menu below.

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Value-Added Warehousing Services & Inventory Management

Need your freight prepared for distribution or delivery to fulfillment centers or customers? We offer a variety of services to streamline your supply chain.

Our warehousing services include value-added features such as:

Plus, we can implement our technology-based solutions with a wide range of transportation services, giving you outstanding service, value and control that can turn your warehousing needs into a fully integrated supply chain.

Dedicated Warehousing Services

If you're looking for dedicated warehousing management, look no further than the Averitt team. We can source and manage large-scale facilities for individual customer needs.

The Averitt warehousing and distribution facility management team brings decades of experience to help you manage and keep your inventory moving.

  • Identifying locations
  • Staffing
  • Transportation
  • Technology
  • Inventory visibility
  • And more...

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Dedicated Warehouse Management

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