Averitt's e-Notifications Tool

From origin to destination, Averitt's e-Notifications alert you when there has been a change to the delivery status of your shipment. Now you can be notified through email or text message with real-time updates, giving you the ability to plan around the unexpected or to ensure that you or your customers are available to receive a delivery.

Sign up for e-Notifications to:

  • Receive updates electronically straight to your inbox or to your mobile phone via text message.
  • Never get caught off guard when a shipment has been delayed or if no one was available at the destination to accept a delivery.
  • Share status notifications with multiple phone numbers and email accounts so that all parties involved are on the same page.
  • Inform your customers when an OSD exception or change to the delivery schedule occurs so that they can plan ahead.
  • Rest assured when you are immediately notified that your shipment has been delivered.