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What is Paperless Invoicing?

Averitt’s Paperless Invoicing tools make your job easier by saving you time and money. Now you can receive your invoices by email and view them online, allowing you to bill your customers more quickly as well as have total control over managing all of your invoices online—24/7/365.

What Invoices will be sent to me?

Once you subscribe to Paperless Invoicing, you will receive every new invoice for your account sent via email to the addresses you choose. Additionally, all of your current unpaid invoices will also be available online.


  • SEARCH INVOICES ONLINE by invoice date, pickup date, PRO number, BOL number, PO number or view all open invoices.
  • VIEW YOUR MOST CURRENT INVOICES online as billing updates are maintained regularly and automatically posted online and re-sent to paperless invoicing users.
  • BILL YOUR CUSTOMERS QUICKER – before receiving traditionally mailed invoices.
  • REQUEST SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS such as delivery receipts, bills of lading, load confirmation, lumper information, expedited contracts and inspection certificates as a single PDF file via email.